Following a horrific incident that shattered his nose during France’s Euro 2024 triumph over Austria, Kylian Mbappe has spoken out.As he went for the ball, the French captain accidentally headed the shoulder of Austrian defender Kevin Danso, leaving him heavily bleeding from the nose. After the match, which France won 1-0 due to an own goal by Maximilian Wober, he was transported to the hospital for surgery.


According to medical professionals, the 25-year-old’s chances of playing in Euro 2024 are seriously diminished as surgery on his fractured nose could keep him out of action for at least ten days, if not longer. But, Mbappe attempted to find some humor in his bad luck, taking to social media several hours after the game was over.


In response to his tweet, fans suggested that he should don a mask resembling a “ninja turtle.” This may be a reference to Marcus Thuram, a teammate from France, making fun of Mbappe’s appearance as a ninja turtle before the game. Thuram, the star of Inter Milan, was addressing to the media ahead of the Austrian encounter while on media duty when one of the journalists mispronounced his name as “Kylian.” Thuram joked in response to the reporter, saying, “Kylian? I have more good looks than Kylian. I don’t have a turtle ninja appearance.


The new France captain would not be able to participate in the group stage, according to former France team doctor Fabrice Bryand, who revealed to L’Equipe that the timeframe was at least 10 days. The player, who was seen leaving the stadium in an ambulance, was receiving surgery, which the French Football Federation confirmed on Monday night. It is believed that the procedure was performed at the University Hospital of Düsseldorf. After the collision with Danso, France coach Didier Deschamps stated that his new captain, Kylian Mbappe, “didn’t get off lightly.”


When asked about Mbappe, Deschamps appeared irritated and responded that his player was “not doing well.” “I don’t have the elements in my hands,” he declared. He was not given a free pass. That remains to be observed. Right now, I am unable to provide the solution. His condition is poor. He is with the healthcare team. He undoubtedly took a serious blow to the nose. It appears like there is a lot to check, which is particularly unpleasant for us tonight. Mbappe and Kevin Danso of Austria collided, leaving Mbappe on the ground.


Julien Laurens said that Mbappe is recovering in the hospital from a broken nose. It’s unknown if he will need surgery or if it will affect his ability to play the rest of the Euros. The French striker then attempted to be substituted and was eventually given a yellow card upon returning to the field. In the final moments of regular time, Mbappe was eventually cleared to go, and Olivier Giroud took his place.


Mbappe, the new Real Madrid acquisition, was instrumental in the game’s lone goal, which came from a cross that Maximilian Wober scored on accident. The 25-year-old had two excellent chances against Austria, but was unable to strike the back of the net.


France’s next match is on Friday against the Netherlands. They play Poland on June 25 to complete their group stage schedule. On X, the incident generated a lot of conversation. One user commented, “Mbappe nose is broken wtf.” ‘Kylian Mbappe’s nose is not quite right after that,’ another person said. Actu Foot, meanwhile, wrote: “Big shock for Mbappe.”

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